MEGAVAR-50 (Anavar / Oxandrolone )50mg/tab


Product Description

Instead of bringing the force, increasing in volume, & amp; nbsp; oxandrolone improves muscle strength and amp; exists on the increase in the synthesis of creatine within muscle cells; nbsp. Oxandrolone also has the property to generate both a & amp; nbsp; in order to burn fat and tone up muscular. ES 1964 that the active ingredient in oxandrolone, produced by Searle Laboratories, appeared in the United States under the name Anavar. oxandrolone is one of those light steroids that provide strength and drying with minimal androgenic side effects. These qualities have made Oxandrolone the darling of women who practice bodybuilding and fitness. This molecule is also appreciated by many weights pesas. The Oxandrolone is considered one of the most effective anabolic steroids to gain strength, and this is the main reason for its success among weights pesas. Many also have anabolic properties to increase the strength of the wearer by increasing muscle protein synthesis in volume and cumulative water retention. This is a mechanism of action, but that of Oxandrolone is quite different. Instead of bringing forces by increasing volume, Oxandrolone improves the strength of the existing muscle mass in increased synthesis of creatine in muscle cells. The result is an increase in strength over that obtained with many other anabolic steroids, but no weight gain. Oxandrolone is therefore a measure of product for weights, an increase in volume is not interested and watching only the strength while remaining within a certain weight class. Despite the paradox that seems to represent the properties of Oxandrolone equally suited for women who weights. In fact, Oxandrolone also has the property to generate the same drying time by burning fat and muscle toning, which is highly sought after by women followers of bodybuilding and fitness. But what makes the Oxandrolone the preferred product of women especially the almost complete lack of androgenic side effects and then virilization. So it’s a lighter product, indicated for women, because it can affect the metabolism and female hormonal cycles when used at doses glasses. Como we have already suggested, the Oxandrolone differs from most other anabolic steroids side effects virilizing Byno. Unlike other androgens, does not cause acne or normal or hypertrophy of the clitoris or hoarseness in women or baldness or another dose of common effects. Since Oxandrolone does not cause water retention, there is no risk of edema with this product or hypertension. In addition, the Oxandrolone has no negative influence on the endogenous production of hormones in the body: Unlike many androgens, natural testosterone production is not turned off during the cycle, eliminating the possibility of accidents at too low testosterone at the end of the cycle. Oxandrolone does not alter the levels of estrogen, because it is little estrogen flavored and therefore cannot cause or Gynecomastia in men and estrogen cycle disturbances in women. The only possible Androgenic effects observed after use of Oxandrolone are nausea and diarrhoea until certain that many users agree in thinking that can bring this kind of product. However, Oxandrolone is only available as tablets, like many others, are alpha-alkylated 17, causing overdose for a long period of liver problems. Los users be careful not to extend a cycle of Oxandrolone for for more than a month at the most, and at reasonable doses. We also recommend the use of 140 Samarin to protect the liver against harmful influences and promote the recovery of healthy cells in the liver levels of use. Típico are from 10 to 40 mg daily in humans and in 10 to 20 mg in women for a period not exceeding one month. Dada lack of weight gain provided by Oxandrolone, bodybuilders compensate by associating more anabolic as testosterone enanthate or Deca. This stack (mix) produces a mass gain drier and denser with relatively little water retention. Stack weights, prefer “brute force” Oxandrolone and Halotestin, which, as its name implies, causes a dramatic increase in strength, with a muscular densification.