Parabolan 100mg ( Trenbolone Enanthate ) 10ML – Muscle Pharma


Product Description

Parabolan, (Trenbolone Enanthate) whose active component is trenbolone. It is a relatively safe steroid all. It is said of some kidney toxicity, but has been exaggerated. The beauty of trenbolone is that it is a steroid that has it all. It is very effective by itself, lean gains that are easy to maintain and is not very common to generate side effects.
The trenbolone is very popular among beginners with lean gain no extra charge 75mg every 2 or 3 days would be enough. Can be combined with any compound used boldenone option would be good, plus you combian well with any type of testosterone most notably with testosterone propionate for marking.
Another combination to generate a large volume is the Dianabol and testosterone enanthate. It also can be combined with anadrol (50 mg / 4 weeks) for muscle tone quality.