Product Description

Testosterone Suspention overview

Testosterone suspension is one of the oldest form of testosterone around it differs from the other testosterone in that is dissolved in water. This gives it some unique properties, but most significant one is that it is absorbs very quickly and starts to have an effect in 1-2 hours after injecting. It has been very popular in power lifting circle where it is used to boost strength and promote mental attitude before competitions. Because of it fast acting nature, it is far more effective that pretty much anything else for this purpose, including orals. This compound is also a favourite with women in the pre contest phase where it is very effective at getting the estrogen/testosterone ration toward the latter, allowing for a harder overall physique, for this purpose women use around 25-50mgs per day for 3-5 days before competing.

In men, testosterone suspension is predominantly a hardening drug used in the pre contest phase with very good results. Some consider it the secret weapon in the final phase of competition. It is typically taken between 10-14 days before competing at about 50-100mgs every day. This allows for full hard muscles with very little water retention, this should not however be a problem as at this stage most competing athletes will have been taking Proviron and some form diuretic.

Testosterone suspension is not really suited for big gains, other that it works very quickly so some of the uses of Testosterone Propionate may apply. Even though you can feel a significant difference in a day it’s building characteristics is not celebrated.

Side effects
Side effects are similar to other testosterones but it should be noted that the effects diminish quickly after use and because of its water based solution, the injection sited stays tender for a long time.

R500 is the market price out there.

TIP: Test suspension is really hard to inject because it tends to go into suspension with effort. You have to shake t for a long time to get it to dissolve. What often happens is that it comes out of suspension so quick that by the time you have sucked it up into a syringe and you are ready inject, it clogs the damn needle. You get around a lot of this hassle by combining the test suspension with some B12. 1ml of B12 and 1 ml of Suspension works really well and goes straight through the needle no problem.