Steroids for women

Steroids for women are becoming more popular, since it is possible to achieve active growth of muscle mass only by artificially obtaining testosterone from anabolic drugs.

In our time, more often representatives of bodybuilding and powerlifting are women. If before the reception of steroids by representatives of the fair sex was a rarity, now it is quite common among athletes.

This fact is quite understandable, because it is much more difficult for women to achieve the necessary muscle relief in a natural way, if not impossible. The fact is that the content of testosterone in the female body is minimal, and in fact this hormone plays a major role in the collection of muscle mass.

The main properties of steroids for the female body

Anabolic androgenic steroids or abbreviated AAS is a synthetically created substance that mimics the action of testosterone when ingested. Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men, and it is responsible for masculine signs, strength, muscle growth, timbre of voice, etc.

In women, the main sex hormone is estrogen, and the amount of testosterone is so meager that it is not able to affect the muscle tissue, in the same way as in the male body. Therefore, girls have to get it artificially from steroids.

The positive properties of steroids for women

The advantages that athletes who take anabolics are significant. Of course, the main of them is the increase in muscle mass, the development of greater endurance and strength. These indicators are fundamental in the decision of women to resort to the use of steroids. In addition to muscle growth and better endurance, in addition girls receive the following benefits:

  • decrease in the fat content in the body;
  • increased sexual desire and increased sensitivity of the genitals;
  • The psychotropic effect of steroids contributes to increased self-esteem and mental balance.

Consequences of taking steroids for women

Despite a large number of positive properties of anabolics for women, there is a fly in the ointment in this barrel with honey, and it is quite significant. Together with the growth of muscle tissue and endurance, there are secondary masculine signs, and not only these. The main side effects that a woman receiving anabolics may encounter include the following:

  • buy steroids for womenexcessive hair growth throughout the body, male;
  • acne;
  • mutation of voice with a decrease in timbre;
  • Man’s facial features;
  • violation of the menstrual cycle;
  • atrophy of mammary glands;
  • infertility;
  • the emergence of abundant discharge from the vagina;
  • liver damage;
  • violation of protective functions of the body.

Of course, this does not mean that along with the use of steroid drugs, all the pathological processes listed above will fall upon you. But if the dosage is increased or the recommended length of the course, the risk of their development increases. It is also very important to choose a medication with a predominance of anabolic qualities and minimal androgenic activity.

Anabolic steroids for women

If in the case of men this issue is not so acute, but it remains relevant, then for women the choice of a suitable steroid is extremely important. Completely safe stimulants, without side effects, unfortunately, no. And yet, there are a number of drugs that have been developed taking into account the physiological characteristics of steroids for women.

Oxandrolone (Anavar)

One of the main such steroid drugs is Oxandrolone, or Anavar. This drug is best suited for girls, as well as young athletes. Its main positive quality lies in the lack of virilization.

Androgenic activity of the drug is only 25% of testosterone, while the anabolic effect is high – about 400%. It also has little effect on the liver, and does not aromatize. Anavar contributes to:

  • burning fat;
  • increase dry, without swelling, muscle mass;
  • improvement of strength indicators;
  • increase levels of growth hormone, which attracts young athletes.

Regarding the development of a course based on this stimulant, the recommended duration for girls is no more than 6-8 weeks, with a dosage of up to 20 mg per day.

Primobolan (Methenolone)

Primobolan is also a frequent choice among athletes steroids and diabetes. The drug is available in tableted and injectable form. For women, oral medication is recommended.

Primobolan is considered a mild steroid, it does not have a pronounced anabolic effect. It is often used in drying stages to preserve muscle tissue and relief.

Just like Anavar, Methenolone does not have aromatization, and does not affect liver function too much. The steroid dosage for oral administration is 50 mg per day, the course duration is up to eight weeks.


Anadrol is a steroid drug that also has a relatively low androgenic activity. In relation to testosterone, it is 45%, while the anabolic effect is much higher than the male hormone and has 320% buy steroids for women. Conversions in estrogens are not observed, but there is a moderate effect on the liver. The main effects of Anadrol include:

  • a fairly rapid increase in muscle mass;
  • improved strength and endurance;
  • some athletes observed the removal of pain in the joints.

The optimal duration of the course of taking this steroid is 4-6 weeks, the dosage for steroids for women should not exceed 50 mg per day.


Boldenone is a medicine that was originally developed for use in animal husbandry, but is now increasingly used by bodybuilders, including steroids for women. They note such positive qualities of the drug as an increase in strength and appetite. Muscle growth is observed slowly, but at the same time, it’s quality, without excess water. Has no toxicity for the liver, androgenic activity is 50% of testosterone, and anabolic – 100%.

There is a mixture of boldenone and methandriol, this drug on the steroid market is called meprobolone. According to experts, it is considered preferable for steroids for women.


This medication in the middle of the last century was actively used in traditional medicine for the therapy of various pathologies, especially the musculoskeletal system. To date, Nandrolone is considered one of the most popular steroids, both in men and in women.

Such popularity is explained by extremely low androgenic activity (30% of testosterone), minimal conversion to estrogens and low toxicity for the liver. In this case, there is a pronounced effect in muscle growth, strengthening of bones and elimination of discomfort in the joints.

But with excessive doses, Nandrolone can still cause virilization, so girls should not abuse the recommended course duration and dosage recommended by specialists buy steroids for women.


Which steroids should be discarded?

As you can see, there is a wide choice of anabolics that can be used by women. Therefore, the beautiful half should not resort to taking stimulants with high anrogenic activity and too powerful action. These drugs include:

  • Pure testosterone ester;
  • Stenozolone;
  • Mesterolon;
  • Trenbolone;
  • Fluoxymesterone.

Anabolic steroids for womenTo use anti-estrogens at the end of the course to women does not make sense. Moreover, these medicines are only able to intensify the manifestations of virilization in girls.

It should be remembered that the dosage of any chosen drug should be lower than that which men can afford to use. In the case of the first manifestations of side effects, the course of taking steroid drugs should be stopped.

Other types of stimulants

Athletes often have to resort to the use of non-androgenic drugs to solve problems with excess body fat. It is important to understand that subcutaneous fat accumulates in men and women in different places. If the beautiful half of the favorite places are the buttocks and stomach, then the guys have an abdominal zone. Therefore, drugs such as Ephedryl or Clenbuterol, which are suitable for men, are almost completely useless for women.

For the purpose of burning fat, girls can use Metformin, Topiromad or Physiotens. Also, a powerful action is medication based on the hormone of the thyroid gland – thyroxine.
Correctly selected course of steroid preparations will help women athletes find relief forms, increase their power capabilities and reach new heights in sports. The main rule of success is not to overdo it, because instead of positive effects you can earn unpleasant side effects.